Equipment for confined space entry

In the offshore, shipping and wastewater industry the workers are often obligated to enter confined spaces to inspect, clean or repair. These activities can increase risk for human life and health.
The correct equipment for entering and evacuation of workers are essential to reduce risks to a acceptable level.

We deliver fall arrest systems, gas detectors and emergency/escape breathing systems from the market leading manufacturerer MSA. The comprehensive product portfolio ensures the best comfort and user-friendliness in the harshest environments.


Complete fall arrest kit

MSA Workman

A basic, complete package for evacuation and work in tanks, waterways etc.

Package consists of:

  • Workman TRIPOD
    – weighs only 19,5 kg
    – max length: 2,45 m.
  • Workman Winch 15m Galvanized Cable
  • Carrying bag Workman Tripod
  • Pulley For Workman Tripod
  • V-FORM fall arrest harness size M

Hard hats


The V-Gard 520 is a lightweight and comfortable industry helmet with a short visor and rain gutter. The innovative suspension FasTrac III with ratchet handwheel, interchangeable premium sweatband and resilient neck strap enables stable helmet wear, even if the wearer leans over. A variety of certified options is available, such as chinstraps, lamp bracket, reflective stickers, high viz shell colors, logo printing, visors, hearing protection, winter liners, and cooling pads.

Other helmet models with ventilation system and many other options are available. 

Hearing Protection

left/RIGHT ear muffs have dedicated right and left ear cups that are designed to fit ears of all shapes and sizes which offers increased comfort and protection. The headband’s breakthrough design simulates the head’s curves to provide a comfortable and stable fit, balancing muffs with ear cup angle.
The precise fit provides maximum loud noise protection using a minimal cup size. The headband adjusts up and down to provide custom fit for different head sizes. left/RIGHT ear muffs are available in low, medium, and high attenuation, three sizes, and different colors. The yellow version is ideal for working in low light environments.

A complete range of ear plugs with high noise attenuation and excellent comfort complete the range.

MSA PremAire kombinasjonsapparat
MSA PremAire Escape fluktapparat
MSA MASS slangevogn
MSA PremAire Mini
MSA PremAire Escape

Short-Duration SCBA, Combination & Escape Devices

The PremAire devices offer sufficient breathing air for about 15 minutes for short revisions, inspection work, or, in case of emergency, to bring oneself or a colleague out of the danger zone. In combination with an airline system or simply as a self-rescue device, PremAire is ideal for working independently of the ambient air in all applications with short distances, where a short-duration SCBA is applicable. For applications requiring an extended source of compressed air, MSA offers the MASS Trolley System. This Mobile Air Supply System
provides the user with a mobile air source wherever needed. It can be ordered in several configurations to fulfill any unique requirements for working in hazardous and dangerous situations.

Chemical protection suit

Alphatec 3000 Plus, modell 111

AlphaTec® 3000 is one of the lightest and most comfortable chemical protection suits on the market. The durable material provides an effective barrier against a range of inorganic chemicals and biological agents.

Ideell for bruk i følgende områder:

  • Transferring liquids and solids between vessels and tanks and process equipment
  • Unexpected leakages spills or other releases
  • Opening and draining pumps valves or lines
  • Loading and unloading trucks and vehicles
  • Filling, blending and charging of raw materials
  • Product inspection
  • Mixing or loading chemicals
  • Cleaning of plant and machines

Available in sizes Small – 5XL


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