Safenor Gas Detection

We supply singel gas detectors and multigas detectors for analysis of up to six gases simultanously. Depending on configuration, the detectors will alert the worker of surrounding poisonous gases, explosive gases or the lack of oxygen. The products is well suited for wide range of industries including fire departments, police and defence.


WatchGas QGM

Multi gas

The WatchGas QGM monitors Oxygen, Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Monoxide and combustible gasses (LEL) When the concentrations of these gases exceed the alarm thresholds, the WatchGas QGM alerts the user by vibrating, flashing LEDs and a 90dB acoustic alarm. An integrated data- and event logger registers measure values, as well as peak and average values, alarms, calibration dates and bump test information for up to two months. All logs can be downloaded to your PC through the WatchGas IR-link software.

WatchGas POLI

Multi gas

The WatchGas POLI in pumped version is an advanced instrument with an integrated pump that enables a full range of sensors for a variety of applications, including confined space entry. The POLI in diffuse detection version is a multigas detector that is ideally suited for worker safety monitoring in hazardous locations.

Smart sensors contain calibration and ID information, so you can change them on the spot. This makes the POLI the ideal device for emergency response to incidents involving hazmat response.

SafeGas MiniMeta

Single gas

MiniMeta is a maintenance-free single gas detector, the most reliable, user-friendly, cost-effective detection solution for worker safety and operational compliance. It offers up to 2 years of protection-with no need for calibration, sensor replacement, battery replacement or battery charging. It’s IECEx, ATEX, CNEX explosion proof certificated and meet the highest standards of quality and reliability to ensure workers’safety and compliance. Sensors available, O2, H2S, CO and SO2. 

SafeGas SKY3000

Multi gas

SKY3000 series is a high-performance portable gas detector that can detect multiple gases (volatile organic compounds VOC, combustible gas and toxic gas) built in pump for continuously fastest response and tank/manhole measures, and has man down alarm function. The device has humanized operation functions such as one-key security detection, one-key storage, automatic image flipping, as well as the man down alarm function.; With optional Bluetooth transmission function, allowing safety personnel to obtain real-time data and the alarm status

Detection of hydrofluoric acid / hydrogen fluoride (HF gas)

With the increasing use of electric power in today’s cars, boats, and ships, the likelihood of fires in lithium-ion batteries increase proportionally. Fires in these battery types not only generates immense heat, but also the extremely toxic gas Hydrogen fluoride. Mixed with water hydrofluoric acid is created. Both the gas and acid easily penetrate skin and muscles and often even pass barriers of commonly used PPE, with the result of damaged tissue and cell membranes.  

Safenor is currently working on putting together a complete portable system for all kinds of emergency services. Individual units are already available for purchase.

Safenor K60-B HF

HF gas

The K60B HF series gas detector is a full featured device. It adopts the international first-class electrochemical sensor. large-screen liquid crystal display, three-level bright, red flashing visible alarm and power supply under voltage alarm function. The specified gas concentration in the surrounding environment can be continuously monitored. Once the gas concentration reaches the preset value of the alarm, an audible, optical and vibration alarm will be issued.

Safenor K60-V


K60-V is a full-featured, compact, up to five sensor gas detector for oxygen, combustibles, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide or VOCs etc. (gas types can be optional customized based on clients’ requests). Key features include easy-to-operate design, easy to identify color screen 4 digits LCD display, historic data storage, a water-resistant case and high sensitivity sensors.

Fluoride test paper

Experience has shown that F-paper is one of the most reliable and low cost alternatives in terms of detecting hydrofluoric acid.

This small sheet of paper can be attached to the visor of a full face mask or on the visor of full body protection suit. In order to detect hydrofluoric acid present on surfaces it’s beneficial to use a 1M hydrochloric acid solution instead of distilled water as it gains a clearer result.

The paper initially has a light pink colour that changes to light yellow when the acid is present.

The package contains 200 sheets. A newer version with an adhesive part will soon be launched.


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